Does my online business idea suck?

Not every idea or business concept will work online.

There's a basic principle: Are people already looking for my product or service ONLINE...
and if so, are there enough of them willing to pay me money?

How do you filter out the good from the bad ideas?

How do you test your online business idea?

The great thing about the internet is that you can test an idea before spending thousands of dollars on design, development, and promotion.

If your idea involves advertising at people, there's a good chance it'll fail. If it hinges on providing useful information and services, you're in with a chance of success.

Promoting your business online

If you plan to optimise your website for search engines from the early stages of development, you can save money later on. Making a website search engine-friendly is usually called search engine optimisation (SEO).

Step by step testing - our methodology

Save money by only investing in a website concept that has some good background research. Profesionally developed, comprehensive statistical market research services will cost less than implementing a web metrics plan using your existing staffing resources. There's no need to learn the research principles, the technology, or the best way to combine the two and put it into practice but you can be confident in the results. Don't invest your valuable funds in a new project based only on a "gut feel".