Promoting your business online

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If you plan to optimise your website for search engines from the early stages of development, you can save money later on. Making a website search engine-friendly is usually called search engine optimisation (SEO).

Coding structure can negatively affect your website discoverability. These can include (and forgive us for getting a bit ‘techie’):

  • The structure of the HTML Heading Tags
  • The amount of code compared to user-readable content
  • The order of page elements and how far down the page they appear to a search engine

Some things you need to be able to manage whenever you write content for your website:

  • The page Title and Description (and of less importance, page Keywords)
  • Page and paragraph headings
  • Image ‘alt’ tags
  • Internal and external page links

Design and code for SEO from the start

We can work with your developer and make sure they create a website that the search engines will love.

If your website has already been completed, we can help with improvements that can be implemented by your developer, or yourself.

Write content for both visitors and search engines

You shouldn’t write content aimed solely at search engines. You may attract lots of traffic, but the likelihood of generating conversions will be low.

How do you write good content which converts visitors and search engines view as important?

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